About Solutions-IES

Solutions-IES, a Tech-Savvy Environmental Company, has a Global Green Mission

Solutions-IES is an award-winning, woman-owned environmental consulting, engineering and remediation firm headquartered in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina. Our success comes from a fundamental commitment to partnering with clients on collaborative solutions to both routine and highly complex environmental challenges.



The core services we provide include:



Founded in 1999, we have grown to provide these services globally to a variety of private and public clients in manufacturing, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and energy sectors along with state and federal agencies that include the Navy, Army, Air Force and Marines.

Solutions-IES is parent company to EOS Remediation, LLC, a global leader for in situ remediation products and support. Solutions-IES also launched an Information Technologies division called Solutions-ITS that has seen exponential growth meeting the demand of small businesses that simply need their computers to work without the hassles of downtime.

We are also very honored to have been featured in the following publications;


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DID YOU KNOW…Solutions-IES is routinely asked to speak at environmental conferences throughout the world.