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Three flavourful Examples of Cheese Packaging

Do you know what makes a packaging design dapper? Well, it is all about working with an empty canvas. You do not have to worry about the product you work with because you get the chance to decide how the appearance, texture, and functionality come out. That is what makes us enthusiastic about packaging, particularly the unique designs that go beyond covering a product in sleek captions. 

We love sharing some of our best packaging designs with our readers. If you ever wanted to know more about elegant packaging, read ahead. Below are three examples of our favourite flavourful cheese packaging. 

The Deli Garage’s Cheese Pencils

The Deli Garage’s Cheese Pencils are always smart; don’t you think so?

These oversized parmesan cheese pencils feature three great flavours; truffle, pesto, and chili. The wrapper is carefully designed to protect the cheese and your hands from cross-contamination. Additionally, they come covered in measurement marks that help you determine how much cheese you need to grate for the desired amount as well as what is left after grating. As if that is not enough, the cheese pencil set comes with an excellent grater for more convenience. You would not worry about buying or borrowing one to complete your task. The extra grater in the package takes a pencil sharpener’s design with a handy size for added convenience. 

How it works 

All you need to do is turn the cheese pencil and watch as it gives you thin strips of curled cheese shavings. The Deli Garage’s Cheese Pencil features a sleek design with excellent presentation, making it one of the most complete packaging sets.

Crayola Crayon String Cheese

The Crayola Crayon String Cheese will give you the feeling of two hits of nostalgia at once. What comes into your mind when you hear string cheese? Do you think about grade school lunches or art classes with rainy indentations? Well, we thought so. This packaging combines the illustrious design of a Crayola box with the glamorous peep of the mouth-watering cheese inside. 

This is one of the smartest designs that attract two audiences without compromising cheese protection. We are sure you will like this string cheese packaging.

Captain John Cheese

The Captain John Cheese packaging design is a prototype of a student’s creation. However, it is so attractive that we thought it wise sharing with you. 

This packaging looks like a small bell jar with the delicious cheese sitting inside. This package’s branding design is a combination of great typographical labeling and coluor choice that suggests the vast array of flavour waiting inside every container. 

The attached cheese cutter is perhaps the most intriguing addition to this package. The cutter takes the shape of a propeller with the intention being to be spun around by hand, as it shaves some perfect measures of cheese slices. 

The bottom line 

An excellent packaging design not only solves a problem but also solves it in style. We hope that these three examples of cheese packaging show you then the fun of having something that protects your hands and the cheese inside, as well as displays the delicious product inside. 

What are your thoughts about any of our packaging picks? If you have another intriguing packaging design, feel free to share it with us. 

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